Noel Markham, M.A.

  Suspense/Thriller/Romance Novels
                   Original Art

1. Discuss the author’s use of dual viewpoints. Does this enhance your understanding of the story?

2. The title of the book is Deadly Denial. Is denial an important part of this story? If so how?

3. Do you think Lindy’s actions are consistent with her character? How would you act in some of the situations Lindy had to deal with such as finding her parents’ bodies or in her encounter with Damon in the back yard of her parents’ home in Laguna Beach?

4. Is Carter a believable character? From a woman’s point of view would you find him appealing? From a man’s point of view would you like him as a friend?

5. The story takes place in Orange County in the year 2008. How does the financial downturn at that time affect the events in the story? Are the situations believable?

6. Did you like the book or not? What did you like and/or dislike about the book?

7. Deadly Denial is listed in the genre of suspense/mystery/thriller. Did you find the book suspenseful?

8. What do you think will happen to Lindy and Carter next? Would you like to read more books about these characters?

9. Is Deadly Denial a book you would recommend to friends or give as a gift to someone who likes to read books of this type? Why or why not?

10. Did you find the revelations about art theft and art forgery interesting?