Noel Markham, M.A.

  Suspense/Thriller/Romance Novels
                   Original Art

Deadly Anger

You Know He's Going To Kill You......

When Damon escapes from the psychiatric hospital, he is hell bent on getting money and revenge. He knows his sister, Lindy, has millions of dollars she is holding out on him. He intends to get that money and then he intends to kill her—just as he brutally murdered their parents.As she searches for answers, she begins to learn disturbing truths about

Lindy helps the police try to capture him, but Damon always seems to be a step ahead of the law. In desperation, Lindy and her husband, Carter, decide to leave the area but when that does not work out, there is only one option left. In the end, Lindy will have to face her insane brother one last time—she knows that only one of them will survive.

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