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   My latest expressionist painting I plan to give to my daughter, as this is the one she said she wanted.  Thanks to Nancy Mayhew, a very good artist for tips on making it better. Chanel said she wanted a floral painting so I'm going to do another one for her.
 This one really looks better than the picture shows. I'm not a great photographer. Part of the problem might be the paper.  I've been painting on aquabord lately and I like the results better.  
A foggy day in Dana Point. When I painted with oils, I used this canvas for years to clean my palette. Then one morning, I looked at it and and saw the beginnings of a seascape.  I had to finish it and this is the result.
  Another oil painting. This one is my grandson, Caden, when he was much younger. I painted this one from a photo his mother, Tena, took at the park in Dana Point.  In the photograph, he was literally covered with birds.  The painting didn't look so good with all those birds, so I took most of them out.